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Serena Trizzino is a contemporary art private dealer and advisor who specializes in emerging and mid-career artists. She offers a full range of advisory services: research, sourcing, acquisition, collection management, and more. She is committed to meet the individual needs of both seasoned collectors and those new to the world of contemporary art, with discretion and integrity. This website is updated bi-monthly. More...


Every other month, an artist is invited to feature a work as the Cover of this website. The work presented is always a unique piece, whether it is a drawing, a painting, a sculpture or a photograph. Available exclusively at​​.

Studio Visit

Visiting an artist's studio is undoubtedly a turning point in one's collecting experience. Seeing the space where artists work, learning directly from them about their practices, inspirations and influences, creates a uniquely intimate dialogue with art. Serena Trizzino shares her studio visits with artists in all media, emerging and mid-career, who are working in the US and Europe.

Artist's Picks

An artist selection and commentary of recent exhibitions.


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