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Andy Cross' Picks

"Robin Kang: Skywoman's Secret Circuit"

Outlet Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY

October 7 – November 6, 2016


Kang’s uses a semi-automated Jacquard loom to make her work, which connects the long historical lineage of weaving into contemporary images of computer chips, and circuit boards.  My personal favorite from the exhibition is “Daggerwing”.  The imagery is a core memory chip (which is an early hand-woven copper wire chip used in computers) immersed in a bright weave- structure that fades from magenta to blue, creating a visual metaphor to a butterfly’s wings or Phoenix rising, hence the title.


"Carmen Herrera: Lines of Sight"

Whitney Museum of American Art


September 16  – January 2, 2016

Carmen Herrera is a Cuban-American artist that is 101 years of age.  She has been living and working in NY since the 50’s, and developed a vibrant signature style, often limited to just two colors.   Yet, the bold combinations and crisp lines resonant and create after images on the mind, long after I had left the museum. Vicariously speaking, it is hard not to find joy in her story, and the critical appreciation of her work is long overdue.

"Benoit Plateus: Behind the Scenes"

Johannes Vogt

October 12 – November 13, 2016

I became aware of Benoit’s work this summer while he rented a studio next to mine.  Immediately a fan, I have eagerly looked forward to his show at Johannes Vogt. It is comprised of canvases 61 x 45 inches.  Each one composed of movie posters glued face down and then painted on top of.   This process enables ghostly bits of imagery and text to bleed through thin washes of color, creating a very ambiguous and dreamy world. 

Andy Cross (b. 1979, Williamsburg, Virginia) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Cross received a MFA from Hunter College in 2005. His work has been exhibited in New York and Internationally.  A larger installation titled “House Painter” received a solo show at the Max Mara, Maramotti Family Museum and Collection in Regio Emilia, Italy (2013).  In New York and Brooklyn he has had 5 solo exhibitions with Martos (2013), Kravets Wehby (2006), Cathouse Funeral (2014), and Sardine (2014 / 2016).  He has also had solo projects with Mario Diacono in Boston, Massachusetts (2005/2007).

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